About IT Pros

Servicing hundreds of IT systems for discerning New England clients since 1998, the IT Pros engineers align their goals with client objectives. In this way, we design and support information systems that are secure, efficient, budget-conscious and results-driven. We've serviced businesses of all types and sizes from small health care practices to national supply chain organizations.

We've completed many hundreds of projects from concept and design through deployment. Many of our clients have been with us for ten years or more, and they are given the same level of priority today as on the very first day of our relationship. Every client is important, and we consider them a partner in our business as much as we are in theirs.

Our predictable, flat-fee plans have really gained clients' attention over the years, especially our IT Complete Plan that includes fixed-fee hardware and services in one bundle. In this plan, our clients bear absolutely no risk in embracing IT; we deliver the system and they simply use it without any purchase or up-front burden. Turn-key solutions like IT Complete make it simple for CFOs to forecast budgets because IT is a fixed fee operating expense priced like a cloud solution but delivered on-premises.

Please consider IT Pros as your potential IT services provider. Give us a call and allow us to introduce ourselves. Our plans are so flexible, we may surprise you with one that exactly matches your organization.

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